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Jilin is one of the most important commodity grain bases in China. It abounds with soybean, corn, sorghum, millet, rice, small red bean, wheat, tuber, sunflower seeds, beets and tobacco. Jilin northwest area covers 2.96 million hectares of grassland which is an ideal place for animal husbandry production, a well-known pasture land for sheep in the country as well as a major production base of commercial cattle and fine wool sheep in North China.

Jilin possess a solid industrial base with the feature of relatively perfect industry system. Nowadays, there are more than 14,000 industrial enterprises in Jilin and six-dominant industries, which are engineering industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry food industry, metallurgical and forestry industry. Jilin enjoy the reputation of leading-industries in production of automobiles, railway cares, tractors, ferroalloy, carbonic products, timber, sugar, crude oil, vegetable oil and no-mineral products.

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  • Major Economic Indicators (2011)

Jilin is the important industrial base and commodity grain production bases in China. Processing industry is relatively developed in Jilin Province. Automotive \ Petrochemical \ Processing of Agricultural Products are pillar industries. Pharmaceuticals, Optoelectronics Information are competitive industries. Jilin Province is located in the world famous "golden corn belt" (black earth of the town) and the agricultural production conditions are unique. Over the years, Jilin food commodity rate, the amount of food and meat \ per capita ranks No. 1.

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